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Moby is a Dick 19 9, 4:29am

While I'm not fan of whale hunting you need to look at the countries in question. If you notice who don't hunt whales, it's the three countries with plenty of arable land (room for agriculture). The 5 "hunters" live on rocks, in extremely mountainous countries or countries too cold for farming.

It's easy for us to criticize the Faroe Islands or whatever for their whaling, but they live on a what's essentially a rock in the middle of the ocean. They can't just change to a farming culture like we have here in Denmark. It is (or has been for some areas) a big part of their food. They're not doing it for sport or as a luxury thing or whatever.

My logical side also has a bit of a problem seeing why it's worse than how we treat cows, pigs, chickens etc. in the rest of the world. As long as they're not hunting endangered species (Looking at Japan for a moment here..) why is worse than killing a cow? I bet the whales have a much better life than our livestock. They're not stuck in cages, in small pens etc.