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Children will love it 30 9, 10:40pm

The theme park(and the mascots) was made based on the BonBon candy. The candy was know for the naughty names and and the equally naughty drawings accopanying the names on the candy. The candy was/is a big hit because children found the names funny to say, because they were all naughty or nasty and did not sound like anything you would want to eat, like Dog-farts. I think it was actually the owner of the company's son who got to name most of the candy. The cow is from the candy called Big Boobies.. hence the big boobs.. Around 2001 the company(not including the theme park) was bought by another company, and some of the more naughty ones, like Big Boobies and Naughty Bums(that's the pig by the way) got new and less provocative names. When they then later tried to stop the production of the remaining still slightly naughty candy, the puplic was furious and the candy went back on the shelves. We just can't live without our naughty candy! This ended up being seriuosly long.. Sorry ;)