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Children will love it

Children will love it

Yes, those are mascots from a real Danish theme park. The infamous BonBon Land. Here's a link to a YouTube video

The park has many many mascots, but it's these more sexual ones that make the biggest impact on tourists. I went there several times as a kid (the park is mostly for children) and I remember not really thinking about the raunchy animals.

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29th September 2015
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4 years ago #9410148        

The theme park(and the mascots) was made based on the BonBon candy. The candy was know for the naughty names and and the equally naughty drawings accopanying the names on the candy. The candy was/is a big hit because children found the names funny to say, because they were all naughty or nasty and did not sound like anything you would want to eat, like Dog-farts. I think it was actually the owner of the company's son who got to name most of the candy. The cow is from the candy called Big Boobies.. hence the big boobs.. Around 2001 the company(not including the theme park) was bought by another company, and some of the more naughty ones, like Big Boobies and Naughty Bums(that's the pig by the way) got new and less provocative names. When they then later tried to stop the production of the remaining still slightly naughty candy, the puplic was furious and the candy went back on the shelves. We just can't live without our naughty candy! This ended up being seriuosly long.. Sorry ;)

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4 years ago #9410477        

"Why do you hate love, America?"

Best line in the history of webcomics.

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4 years ago #9410091        

Yeah, Denmark was far from prudish in the past, but the world is becoming more and more so, and I really blame America for it :P
I mean seriously take the whole breast feeding in public thing? same thing here.

Oh no a cow that has breasts and nipples! really? so what? never seen breasts or nipples before?
This whole thing with prudishness is going way overboard of late, somehow people can't laugh at things like this any more? and it goes beyond that, just sad :(

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4 years ago #9410007        

I love that last panel, where Denmark just gives America a "really?" look, and America is looking back with a "yeah, really" look.
But I will say, I have visited America, and Nudity is to Danes as Guns and Violence is to Americans. I mean that Danes are more used to nudity, and America is used to guns.
I can just imagine a Comic where Denmark is saying "You think that a person being clothed is more dangerous than allowing everyone to have a gun?"
And America responds "You think that giving people the right to defend themselves with arms is more horrifying than having stripper statues in a children's park?" :) Different cultures colliding, no one is right, no one is wrong...

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2 years ago #9721272        

Everyone, well... mostly overprotective parents, or politicians pandering to same... seems willing and eager to warp the reality of the world if it will prevent children from being exposed to any sort of sexuality, in recent decades.

Yet, the truth is, almost all of that flies right over children's heads, without being noticed or remembered.

I look after a 73 year old man, and he was telling me he'd recently re-watched a number of Betty Boop cartoons that he'd seen as a child, and never once realized there was anything sexual about them. Go check Youtube for them yourselves. It's amazing to look at them now from the perspective of our sex-adverse culture of today... and even more amazing to realize their blatant "offensiveness" had precisely zero effect on developing children, because the more adult contexts of the cartoons simply didn't register to them at all.

4 years ago #9440493        

I have an idea of why.

Many of the original settlers of the US were religious, and thought their country's church was corrupt. That led to a lot of religious people settling in colonial times. Another reason is in the 50s. After the Second World War and a possible third, family values were heavily emphasized in the US, one of which was going to church with your family. It was the kind of "wholesome" thing you did back then.
It's weird. It seems the US is one of the most prudish nations upfront, but I wouldn't doubt the US is in the top 5 for both watching and producing pornography in the world.

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4 years ago #9410152        

Lol! I really love Denmark when he said, "Why do you hate love America?"

1 year ago #9753007        

kinda annoying actually, how parents are oversensitive about what might affect their precious babies

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2 years ago #9713309        

Bonbon land would not last long in America.

4 years ago #9410898        

>sees a "sexy" pig mascot
>resists the urge to joke about the Brit's PM

At least the mascots look like they're having fun.

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