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Children will love it 15 1, 12:31pm

Everyone, well... mostly overprotective parents, or politicians pandering to same... seems willing and eager to warp the reality of the world if it will prevent children from being exposed to any sort of sexuality, in recent decades.

Yet, the truth is, almost all of that flies right over children's heads, without being noticed or remembered.

I look after a 73 year old man, and he was telling me he'd recently re-watched a number of Betty Boop cartoons that he'd seen as a child, and never once realized there was anything sexual about them. Go check Youtube for them yourselves. It's amazing to look at them now from the perspective of our sex-adverse culture of today... and even more amazing to realize their blatant "offensiveness" had precisely zero effect on developing children, because the more adult contexts of the cartoons simply didn't register to them at all.