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Close Call 18 10, 10:45am

@LuthersMinion The second that a potential date was set for the referendum I was all for it, as was my history teacher and a few others. I was confident that we would win too but unfortunately not...but there's still hope, I guess! People are becoming more and more aware of Westminster's lies and it's well known that they haven't done anything about their promises. A little (actually, a lot) annoying for us people who voted Yes to finally have people realise this, but at least it means that we're gathering more support. I actually went to the one year on Yes rally in Glasgow last month, there were nearly ten thousand people there, it was brilliant! Despite the whole politics side to it, I think it's making people (especially younger people like me) more aware of their culture. We'll get it someday, though! I still have my Bu Chòir badge and I will wear it even after we get independence.