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Coffee Thief 21 10, 2:02am


No, literally. Finland sniped the key without a scope.
That means that Finland, considering he was on the edge of the Swiss border, shooting to the edge of the Finnish Border that was closest to him, had shot a rifle, with just iron sights, 2012.76 kilometers, or 1250.67 miles. That's 2,012,760 meters (to Kilometers), or 6,603,537.6 feet (to miles). That also means that Finland shot a 2 inch, or 5.08 centimeters house key from that far away. (Even though he had a spotter, binoculars can't really see that far, so it was mainly up to Finland)21
Also, the cartidge can go as fast as up to 915 metres per second. That means that it took the bullet to fly as long as 2,199.7 seconds. That means that Finland had to shoot the bullet 36.6 minutes earlier than when they arrived. In other words, Finland knew they were coming.

Good luck sleeping tonight if you're on Finland's list...