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Zombie Zoo 21 10, 7:33pm

Well.. shame is that it was exotic animals, but other than that. I think everyone who consumes meat should witness a slaughter once in their lives. I witnessed my first slaughter of a moose at the age of 7, it was very educational and made me respect the the animal even more.
I love meat, but if you're gonna eat it, you may aswell know how it works.

I don't know, there are many sides to stories like this. My argument is why this was made openly at a Zoo where exotic animals are supposed to be witnessed alive, while autopsy and anatomi education should be taken and performed elsewhere, I mean, surely they don't come to the zoo to the watch a slaughter? And If i remember correctly Marius, the giraff was at perfectly good health, to me it would've made more sense to butcher an animal that died/or had to be put down because of natural causes.

Anyways, I'm sure they had their reasons, and I respect that.