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Zombie Zoo 22 10, 12:32am

I don't think Brother America would actually take offence by this, (infact I sorta think sister America would be better for this).

Anyway, I know that there were a bit of a debacle over a class of students in Sweden that was allowed to watch the slaughter of a reindeer, (mostly it had to do with the fact that they killed the Reindeer infront of the class by slicing the throat IIRC) but IMO it's quite important for kids to understand what goes on. They can definitley handle it. seing as they've handled it for the last 30 000 years or so.

Infact I'd say knowing the basics of slaugthering a few for the region common animals is a perfectly reasonable skill to posses, to many people in Sweden never gets to touch this unless they decide to take hunters exam...