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Zombie Zoo 28 10, 5:22pm

Yeah, our education system it quite messed up right now.
I'm sorry to say that I'm from Texas. Every so often a committee of Texans get together to decide what should be in the textbooks.
When I was a kid, there were always "Texas Edition" books for us. Now other states just use the textbooks that the Texas committee put together. Texas is so big that it's easier to make the books for Texas, then sell off what's left to other states.

The things is, lots of politicians and lobbyists are trying to put religion in the books and trying to whitewash (if not totally ignore) the racist issues in history. Like making it seem like slavery wasn't as bad as it seems, that the Civil War wasn't fought over slavery, Texas' part in the Civil Rights Movement, etc. The Latino civil right movement doesn't even warrant a mention.
And because they're the Texas texts, kids all over the country will be using them.

It's frustrating and scary as hell!