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A Zorba slowing down 30 10, 1:27pm

As someone who has lived in Greece for years, I am saddened by this inaccurate comic that propagates false impressions. Greeks know how to party, true, but the problem is not partying. The problem started with Europe giving money to corrupted politicians who did not use the money for hospitals and schools. Greeks always saved money in case they were sick ( to bribe a doctor, just to have a bed in a hospital), or to buy a house ( not with bank loans) to secure their kids. Taxing in Greece is the government taxing not on what you make, but what it thinks you should make, and it is perceived as a hand in your pocket, to finance swimming pools and private funds of who ever is in power. So to portray the Greeks as partying and taking money for that, when they work hard, without getting paid, without justice, left without support to governments who acted like medieval fjords, is kinda hitting a nerve with me. I wish you would research a tiny bit more before making political satire.