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SatW Couples 8 11, 6:02pm

Not all Mexican families are bad, I promise :( ... I reaally love your comics and I know is for "stereotypes purposes" but I would really like to see one of your comics where Mexico is being nice and welcomed by other guys (Maybe actually one with brother México not being thaaat bad or maybe he was just misunderstood) :P ... Like that time I host a girl from germany for 6 months in my house because why not.. then about the third month we recieved one friend of her from denmark actually, and I took them to "Día de muertos" in Patzcuaro and Tzintzuntzan ... they told me it was one of the greatest experiences they ever have ... because it is so different from other traditions Halloween like... But well ... I know from other of your comics that we are rather unknown .... Great job you are doing here... hope to see a lot more.