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SatW Couples

SatW Couples

I asked you what your favourite couples from Scandinavia and the World were, and here they are. I said I was only going to draw the couple that most people wanted to see, but I suddenly felt like drawing more, so I decided to draw a bunch of sketches instead.

Wales x New Zealand
Do not judge them! Their love is more true and deep-felt than any love you will ever experience!
Heh, can’t you just see the romantic sundown behind them? :D

Denmark x Norway
This was by far the most popular couple. Once again Norway is trying to cure Denmark’s fear of nature in a safe environment, and finally finally it seems like they’ve come to a breakthrough. Then Denmark touched the butterfly, it flew off, which scared the crap out of Denmark who spilled beer over the both of them and accidentally kicked Norway in the face.

Canada x America
I’ve come to like this couple more than I originally did, because I realized that they’re completely fucking some anime/yaoi rules up. Canada would be the uke because he is such a cute little bishie, but screws it up by being the hairiest of all the guys. America would be the seme, but he is insecure like hell and still a virgin. Oh what fun. :XD:

America x Mexico
They love each other, because they can only see each other’s good sides. Mexico see a rich and handsome man with the power to help her out of poverty. America see a beautiful and exotic woman with strong religious morals (Which is one of the reasons why he is still a virgin. She is not putting out before the wedding!). America hates her brother though. Damn guy keeps sneaking into his yard and sometimes invites the whole family over without asking, and then he complains about America not treating his sister well, not paying her enough attention and all that stuff. God he hates that guy!

Sweden x Sister Finland
Oh dear Sister Finland. Could you possibly have chosen a worse guy to fall in love with? :XD:

Sister Sweden x Finland
That’s pretty much all there is to their "relationship". Big boobied sex. Enjoy. :D

Norway Mexico Canada America Sweden New Zealand Denmark Finland Wales Sister Sweden
15th October 2009
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8 years ago #9421586        

Not all Mexican families are bad, I promise :( ... I reaally love your comics and I know is for "stereotypes purposes" but I would really like to see one of your comics where Mexico is being nice and welcomed by other guys (Maybe actually one with brother México not being thaaat bad or maybe he was just misunderstood) :P ... Like that time I host a girl from germany for 6 months in my house because why not.. then about the third month we recieved one friend of her from denmark actually, and I took them to "Día de muertos" in Patzcuaro and Tzintzuntzan ... they told me it was one of the greatest experiences they ever have ... because it is so different from other traditions Halloween like... But well ... I know from other of your comics that we are rather unknown .... Great job you are doing here... hope to see a lot more.

5 years ago #9795310        

I really like sister Finland's design shes so cute!

4 years ago #9818455        

I wish US/Mexican relations were as sweet as that... :/

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5 years ago #9814601        

Sweden.exe has stopped working

Would you like to report?


6 years ago #9765047        

Where's Åland and Sweden?

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7 years ago #9533400        

For some reason, I like the idea of Australia x Canada


3 years ago #9854976        

Finland rn: what a nice day to be blind :D


5 years ago #9800493        

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no it's not sister Finland x sweden it's Åland x Sweden oh my god

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7 years ago #9617678        

Why isn't CanadaxSister Netherlands in here?

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7 years ago #9538481        


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