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Fangirls 11 11, 11:27pm

@Vulturedoors Going to have to correct you on a few points here:

* "Ki" is the Japanese word for the Chnese "Qi" wich is a sort of hypothetical, mystic energy said to exist in the human body. It has nothing to do with waht you just described. You're thinking of the concept of "Yamato Damashii" wich means "Japanese Spirit" and is sort of like the Japanese version of the American Dream: the Japanese have a certain character wich allows them to work hard with intense focus to achieve their goals and never, ever, EVER surrender. This was exploited in WW2 as you said.

* The atomic bomb was actually not considered a big deal by the Japanese military top brass at the time. It was just another big bomb to them, and they were still ready to fight.

* Japan was never invaded. The furthest the Allies got before Japan surrendered was Okinawa.

* Japanese school uniforms are designed after the Prussian dito and well predates the entirety of WW2.