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Zombie Zoo 17 11, 4:15am

well in my school (us in grade 0-2 (age 6-9) together for a time) had chickens, like we had them from when they were eggs, and let them grow up as our pets, and we played with them and hold them and just in generel took care of them. then when they got bigger they had to stay at some of the students, that of course also had chickens, and after some time, when it was winter and there was snow and all, all the chickens where big enough to be slaughtered... so all us 50-60 kids from grade 0-2 walked to some twins from grade 2nd, and there we succeed to slaughter the chickens outside in the snow, and see how they jump around after you chop of their head and all, and then we all tried to pull out the organs and all, and ou could see all the blood in the snow. BEST SCHOOL DAY EVER!!! seriously no one had second thoughts about killing of the chickens we had raised from infants in egg to fat chickens, we just thought it was funny, and we got to eat chicken soup, which was awesome