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A Zorba slowing down 21 11, 2:55pm

@Liv No, I am not new, and I am myself doing stand up comedy at times, so I know what satire and stereotype is. Stereotyping is about something cultural. This is a debate and an ongoing issue that has serious repercussions in how Greeks are perceived through Europe. Germans attack Greeks because " their taxes have gone up, because of them" and other stupid and tragic events.
Satire, when it can harm someone is not satire anymore.
If there was a drawing depicting all Muslims as terrorists or all Syrians as terrorists, , would you still think it is satire? SATW is a wonderful comic making fun of little unknown facts ( that is why there are so many explanations under every comic and it is not self explanatory). It is more educational than anything else and I always share the link with my students, as it is highly informative and fun. When it starts informing false things that can harm, like now, I object. Unless you are the creator, this message was not addressed to you, not meaning to be rude, and this is not a discussion I am interested in having with anyone else but the creator, In fact I am not interested at having a debate with anyone, this is my point of view, I expressed it. As far as I am concerned, I made my point.