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A Big F You 25 11, 12:39pm

At best that just means the Sami were in the first wagon of the same migration that brought the other Finno peoples lol. Not that they were forever there. All evidence suggests that the Uralic language family developed further east to at least the Ural mountains and came west.

Now of course this is simplified kind of though. It's super likely that there were already people living in Finland and Lapland alike before those languages and cultures came. And that (like with Japan as I was just talking elsewhere) the mix of the migrants and who was already there produced the start of both what we now think of as Sami and Finns.
So whose culture and language was there before you guys? Who knows!
Heck even the Scandinavians and their language got altered by similar type situations (Indo-European migrations).

Probably the literal only remaining European language from before major migrations is Basque. Though I guess that depends on what you count the Caucasian Mountains as.

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