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A Big F You 25 11, 8:59pm

The English are nothing like North America. A better comparison would be South America.
Angles, Saxons, Juts and later various Vikings came to the isles. But the idea that they wiped out or diseased out the local Celts is absurd. They would have mixed in with them, and in some cases plenty of Celts would have culturally become Germanic even without intermarriage.
Throughout history the example of North America is in the minority.

I cant' say I find those historians to sound reputable honestly as that sounds like a sensationalist tagline for a pop history book rather than serious scholarship. For starters what does the Reconqusita have to do with either other thing? It's nothing alike to them.
But the idea that migrating tribes being pressured by steppe nomads has anything to do with budding naval powers looking to extract resources and find new trade routes is just silly.

America wearing England's shirt