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A Big F You 26 11, 12:24am

@Nidhogg Incorrect. It wasn't until Industrialization arrived that the true oppression of the Sami began, an oppression that reached its height at the beginning of the 19th century.
Before that the Sami were highly valued by the coastal-dwellers and Swedish Crown as being a valuable source of income from an otherwise worthless area of land.
Lappland was mainly taxed through trade up until the late 17th century. Then came localized oppression with the Sami being drafted for Mines etc. Then (19th century) we see some major bullshit with forced conversions, forced labour, continual encroachment by foresting and mining companies. Then there were the confiscations of land, forced relocations etc to make way for the Swedish Hydropower expansion during the early and mid 20th century.

Christianity had nothing to do with it. Changing economic conditions and the rise of the nationstate had EVERYTHING to do with it.

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