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A Big F You 29 11, 5:27pm

@Bloodblender There's plenty of evidence suggesting that Sami people have been used, banished and otherwise been mistreated throughout the complete length of Swedish and prior kingdom's history. Now if this has much to do with modern contemporary conflicts, it's more of a case by case basis.

"indigenous then germanic scandinavians"

As you say, we can debate this for days on end, but in general, they are indigenous to the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Whereas germanic tribes has been more or less confined to the southern reaches.

Now regarding conflicts, it's a mish mash of all possible reasons, everything from personal vendettas, the fact that herding reindeers is not even breaking even, and as you say issues with landowners (with similar issues to reindeer herders) (though moose is a bigger issue altogheter) and you name it.

However as with all conflicts it escalates to a "Us VS Them" given time, and thus big guns like what "happened to sami XYZ 50 years ago" is brought up against "But you got more rights than I'll ever getzz" are brought forth.. -.-

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