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A Big F You 7 12, 10:03pm

@cohkka The Sea Sami is another group that has been almost assimilated. The former great diversity in the Sami groups can be seen in their language. Someone speaking south sami or lule sami, can barely understand someone speaking north sami.

The same goes for the east and west Greenlanders. The east Greenlandic culture and language is at the brink of extinction. And the country can't afford the internal fight, when the external enemy is so strong.

I don't care who came here first. The Sami are an indegenous people who have been treated horribly, and deserve respect. If you look at all the Nordic countries, the Icelanders and Faroese are probably the only ones who can claim to be the first settlers. There were some Irish monks there when the Vikings arrived to those islands, but monks don't make up very viable populations...

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