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Of Evil! 14 1, 5:40am

Ok, Poles really suck at translating movie titles:

Dirty dancing - Wirujący seks = Swirling sex
Die Hard - Szklana pułapka = Glass trap

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind = zakochany bez pamięci = Something like "In love for good"
The Perks of being a wallflower = Charlie. (yeah, just "Charlie")

and my personal best, quite hard to put in a comic though, since it requires explanation: "The Hangover" was translated as "Kac Vegas" which was quite a nice idea since 'kac' [ pronounced "cats"] is polish word for hangover and it's similar to Las Vegas where the action took place. However the sequel that took place in Bangkok "The hangover II" was translated as "Kac Vegas w Bangkoku" (in Bangkok) which makes aboslutely no sense :P

And also some series titles:

IT Crowd - Technicy-magicy = technicians-magicians
Prison Break - Skazany na śmierć - sentenced to death
The Bold and the beautiful - Moda na sukces - fashion for success (roughly).