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Of Evil!

Danish people had no idea how to rename American movies back in the day.

Feel free to tell me about some silly renamed American movie titles in your country and they might end up in a comic later. :)

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13th January 2016
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8 years ago #9444632        

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (USA) = Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies (UK)
Not a lot of White Castle restaurants outside of USA

51st State (UK) = Formula 51 (USA)
Since the term 51st is a derogatory term for UK & Canada, America didn't want to think of itself as an offensive country. Sure America, your secret is safe with us.

The Pope Must Die (UK) = The Pope Must Diet (USA, Italy, Vatican, etc . . . )
For obvious reasons.

Angela's Ashes (USA, Ireland, UK, etc) = Die Asche Meiner Mutter (Germany "The Ashes Of My Mother" )
I was posted in Germany for this one. Not sure why they felt the need to change this one. Probably in case they thought it needed explaining.

Avengers (USA) = Avengers Assemble (UK)
So as not to be confused with The Avengers with John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel.

Léon (France) = Léon : The Professional (UK) = The Professional (USA) = This Hit Man Is Not As Cold As He Thought (China)
The further away we get from France the greater the need for explanations and we wouldn't want to offend American or Chinese sensibilities with French names in the title.

Trainspotting (UK) = Guessing The Trains (China)
This is possibly the least weird alternative Chinese translation I've seen.

The Full Monty (UK) = Six Naked Pigs (China)
I reckon China's getting jealous here.

Pretty Woman (USA) = I Will Marry A Prostitute To Save Money (China)
Wow China . . . just . . . wow.

Sixth Sense (USA) = HE WAS A GHOST AFTER ALL! (China)
Aw well thank you so much China! Way to spoil the ending!

Junior (USA) = SON OF THE DEVIL! (China)
China seems to have it in for anything that challenges their preconceptions.

Jersey Girl (USA) = I Love My Dad The Best In The World (Japan)
D'aaawww! That's really sweet of you Japan.

Army Of Darkness (USA) = Captain Supermarket! (Japan)
Uhm . . . oh yeah . . . 'cause he used to work in a department store . . . hmm

Grease (USA) = Vaseline (Argentina)
Well then, Argentina . . . not sure what you think this movie is about, but you might want to get a little less excited.

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8 years ago #9479102        

In Norway, we translated The Fault In Our Stars to "Faen Ta Skjebnen", which basically means "fuck destiny"

8 years ago #9444498        

If memory serves "The Amityville Horror" (1979 version) was originally "translated" in Finnish as "Luojan tähden, paetkaa!" (Run, for God's sake!)


8 years ago #9444384        

Ok, Poles really suck at translating movie titles:

Dirty dancing - Wirujący seks = Swirling sex
Die Hard - Szklana pułapka = Glass trap

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind = zakochany bez pamięci = Something like "In love for good"
The Perks of being a wallflower = Charlie. (yeah, just "Charlie")

and my personal best, quite hard to put in a comic though, since it requires explanation: "The Hangover" was translated as "Kac Vegas" which was quite a nice idea since 'kac' [ pronounced "cats"] is polish word for hangover and it's similar to Las Vegas where the action took place. However the sequel that took place in Bangkok "The hangover II" was translated as "Kac Vegas w Bangkoku" (in Bangkok) which makes aboslutely no sense :P

And also some series titles:

IT Crowd - Technicy-magicy = technicians-magicians
Prison Break - Skazany na śmierć - sentenced to death
The Bold and the beautiful - Moda na sukces - fashion for success (roughly).

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8 years ago #9445638        

I remember one very bad translation in Iceland. "Criminal intent" was translated to "Glæpamaður í tjaldi" which literally translates to: "Criminal in a tent" That was a hilarious !

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8 years ago #9444428        

So in danish, is SATW 'The Webcomic of Evil'?

8 years ago #9468307        

In India
The Avengers= Embers turn to blazing fire
Finding Nemo= Nemo's lost , Have you seen him?
Lara Croft:Tomb Raider= Lioness No.1
Despicable Me= I Suck!
Night At the Museum = Alexander 's stuck in a Museum
Pirates of the Carribean = Sea Bandits
Dead Man's Chest = Treasure of corpses
Dude , Where's my Car = 2 Losers in a car
Swordfish = Who's the Player?
Jeepers Creepers = Hungry
UP = Fly Sneeze
Gullivers Travels = Big Dude, Tiny Dude
Monsters Inc = Shop of Fear
Salt = Sneaky Spy
Looper = Death in the Front, Death in the Back
The Sixth Sense = The Kid Talks to Ghosts
Captain America : The winter Soldier = Super Badass
The Sixth Day = Battle of the Arnolds
Planet of the Apes = Monkeys Rule!

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8 years ago #9444360        

Law and Order: Criminal Intent -> "Glæpamaður í tjaldi"

("Glæpamaður í tjaldi" means "Criminal in a tent")

8 years ago #9471673        

Most of the American movies are translated into Portuguese, which can be pretty hilarious
The hangover- Se beber, não case! (If you drink, don't get married!)
Meet the parents- Entrando numa fria (Getting into a cold)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Um belo par de patins (A Nice pair of roller skates)
Funny people- Gente gira (Beautiful people)
21 jump street- Anjos da lei ( Angels of the law)
The hurricane- Hurricane: o furacão (Hurricane: the hurricane)
Not another teen movie- Não é mais um Besteirol Americano (Not another American slapstick)

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8 years ago #9444507        

Well, in Taiwan we also have stock phrases used to translate/reinvent movie names (and sometimes even name original movies by), to the point that it's extremely easy for people to mix up two movies of the same genre.

即刻 (jí kè, "immediate", "instantaneous", "right away")
Taken: 即刻救援 (Immediate Rescue)
The Grey: 即刻獵殺 (Immediate Hunt)
Tokarev/Rage: 即刻復仇 (Immediate Revenge)

終極 (zhōng jí, "ultimate", "utmost", "most badass" etc)
Taxi: 終極殺陣 (Ultimate Weapon/Tactic)
Hostage: 終極人質 (Ultimate Hostage)
Die Hard: 終極警探 (Ultimate Detective)
Extraction: 終極救援 (Ultimate Rescue)

心靈 (xīn líng, "heart and soul" or "mind", "spirit", "heart" etc)
Good Will Hunting: 心靈捕手 (Catcher of Heart and Soul)
Boy A: 心靈鐵窗 (Prison Bars of Heart and Soul)
The Rookie: 心靈投手 (Pitcher of Heart and Soul)

真愛 (zhēn ài, "true love")
The Fountain: 真愛永恆 (True Love Eternity)
Going the Distance: 真愛零距離 (True Love Zero Distance)
Revolutionary Road: 真愛旅程 (True Love Journey)

神鬼 (shén guǐ, "God and ghost", basically just a way to sound badass)
The Mummy: 神鬼傳奇 (Legend of God and Ghost)
Bourne Identity: 神鬼認證 (Identification of God and Ghost)
Gladiator: 神鬼戰士 (Fight of God and Ghost)
Catch Me If You Can: 神鬼交鋒 (Battle of God and Ghost)
The Aviator: 神鬼玩家 (Player of God and Ghost)
Pirates of the Caribbean: 神鬼奇航 (Voyage of God and Ghost)
The Revenant: 神鬼獵人 (Hunter of God and Ghost)
(Basically, if it has Matt Damon of Leonardo DiCaprio in it, it will likely take this word :p)

絕地 (jué dì, I don't even know how to translate this......
"despairing land/circumstances", or "on the edge/at the end of the rope/hanging by a thread/no retreat" or something like that)
The Big Momma's House: 絕地奶霸 (Babysitter in Despairing Land)
The Martian: 絕地救援 (Rescue in Despairing Land)
The Island: 絕地再生 (Rebirth in Despairing Land)
Jedi: 絕地武士 (Jedi Knight/Samurai) *not the name of a movie, but that's how Jedi in Star Wars are translated

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