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Of Evil! 14 1, 11:12am

Well, in Taiwan we also have stock phrases used to translate/reinvent movie names (and sometimes even name original movies by), to the point that it's extremely easy for people to mix up two movies of the same genre.

即刻 (jí kè, "immediate", "instantaneous", "right away")
Taken: 即刻救援 (Immediate Rescue)
The Grey: 即刻獵殺 (Immediate Hunt)
Tokarev/Rage: 即刻復仇 (Immediate Revenge)

終極 (zhōng jí, "ultimate", "utmost", "most badass" etc)
Taxi: 終極殺陣 (Ultimate Weapon/Tactic)
Hostage: 終極人質 (Ultimate Hostage)
Die Hard: 終極警探 (Ultimate Detective)
Extraction: 終極救援 (Ultimate Rescue)

心靈 (xīn líng, "heart and soul" or "mind", "spirit", "heart" etc)
Good Will Hunting: 心靈捕手 (Catcher of Heart and Soul)
Boy A: 心靈鐵窗 (Prison Bars of Heart and Soul)
The Rookie: 心靈投手 (Pitcher of Heart and Soul)

真愛 (zhēn ài, "true love")
The Fountain: 真愛永恆 (True Love Eternity)
Going the Distance: 真愛零距離 (True Love Zero Distance)
Revolutionary Road: 真愛旅程 (True Love Journey)

神鬼 (shén guǐ, "God and ghost", basically just a way to sound badass)
The Mummy: 神鬼傳奇 (Legend of God and Ghost)
Bourne Identity: 神鬼認證 (Identification of God and Ghost)
Gladiator: 神鬼戰士 (Fight of God and Ghost)
Catch Me If You Can: 神鬼交鋒 (Battle of God and Ghost)
The Aviator: 神鬼玩家 (Player of God and Ghost)
Pirates of the Caribbean: 神鬼奇航 (Voyage of God and Ghost)
The Revenant: 神鬼獵人 (Hunter of God and Ghost)
(Basically, if it has Matt Damon of Leonardo DiCaprio in it, it will likely take this word :p)

絕地 (jué dì, I don't even know how to translate this......
"despairing land/circumstances", or "on the edge/at the end of the rope/hanging by a thread/no retreat" or something like that)
The Big Momma's House: 絕地奶霸 (Babysitter in Despairing Land)
The Martian: 絕地救援 (Rescue in Despairing Land)
The Island: 絕地再生 (Rebirth in Despairing Land)
Jedi: 絕地武士 (Jedi Knight/Samurai) *not the name of a movie, but that's how Jedi in Star Wars are translated