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Of Evil! 18 1, 1:17pm

@Shihchuan I knew it's you when I see a response about Taiwan.

Just want to add that there's also the tendency to associate actors with stock phrases.

Jim Carrey is 王牌 (ace)
Ace Ventura - 王牌威龍 Ace Mighty Dragon. Actually I think 威龍 might be a partial phonetic translation of Ventura.
Bruce Almighty - 王牌天神 Ace God.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 王牌冤家 Ace Enemy.
The Cable Guy - 王牌特派員 Ace Commissioner.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 魔鬼 (demon)
Terminator - 魔鬼終結者 Demon Terminator
Junior - 魔鬼二世 Demon the Junior
Total Recall - 魔鬼總動員 General Mobilization of Demons. (by the way, Toy Story is "General Mobilization of Toys" and Cars is "General Mobilization of Cars")
Commando - 魔鬼司令 Demon Commander
True Lies - 魔鬼大帝:真實謊言 Demon Great Emperor: True Lies.
Sixth Day - 魔鬼複製人 Demonic Cloned Man.
The Running Man - 魔鬼阿諾 Demon Arnold. (Yeah, they just outright put the actor's name in the title.)
Erasor - 魔鬼毀滅者 Demon Destroyer