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Of Evil! 14 1, 7:46pm

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (USA) = Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies (UK)
Not a lot of White Castle restaurants outside of USA

51st State (UK) = Formula 51 (USA)
Since the term 51st is a derogatory term for UK & Canada, America didn't want to think of itself as an offensive country. Sure America, your secret is safe with us.

The Pope Must Die (UK) = The Pope Must Diet (USA, Italy, Vatican, etc . . . )
For obvious reasons.

Angela's Ashes (USA, Ireland, UK, etc) = Die Asche Meiner Mutter (Germany "The Ashes Of My Mother" )
I was posted in Germany for this one. Not sure why they felt the need to change this one. Probably in case they thought it needed explaining.

Avengers (USA) = Avengers Assemble (UK)
So as not to be confused with The Avengers with John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel.

Léon (France) = Léon : The Professional (UK) = The Professional (USA) = This Hit Man Is Not As Cold As He Thought (China)
The further away we get from France the greater the need for explanations and we wouldn't want to offend American or Chinese sensibilities with French names in the title.

Trainspotting (UK) = Guessing The Trains (China)
This is possibly the least weird alternative Chinese translation I've seen.

The Full Monty (UK) = Six Naked Pigs (China)
I reckon China's getting jealous here.

Pretty Woman (USA) = I Will Marry A Prostitute To Save Money (China)
Wow China . . . just . . . wow.

Sixth Sense (USA) = HE WAS A GHOST AFTER ALL! (China)
Aw well thank you so much China! Way to spoil the ending!

Junior (USA) = SON OF THE DEVIL! (China)
China seems to have it in for anything that challenges their preconceptions.

Jersey Girl (USA) = I Love My Dad The Best In The World (Japan)
D'aaawww! That's really sweet of you Japan.

Army Of Darkness (USA) = Captain Supermarket! (Japan)
Uhm . . . oh yeah . . . 'cause he used to work in a department store . . . hmm

Grease (USA) = Vaseline (Argentina)
Well then, Argentina . . . not sure what you think this movie is about, but you might want to get a little less excited.