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Of Evil! 27 3, 4:32am

In India
The Avengers= Embers turn to blazing fire
Finding Nemo= Nemo's lost , Have you seen him?
Lara Croft:Tomb Raider= Lioness No.1
Despicable Me= I Suck!
Night At the Museum = Alexander 's stuck in a Museum
Pirates of the Carribean = Sea Bandits
Dead Man's Chest = Treasure of corpses
Dude , Where's my Car = 2 Losers in a car
Swordfish = Who's the Player?
Jeepers Creepers = Hungry
UP = Fly Sneeze
Gullivers Travels = Big Dude, Tiny Dude
Monsters Inc = Shop of Fear
Salt = Sneaky Spy
Looper = Death in the Front, Death in the Back
The Sixth Sense = The Kid Talks to Ghosts
Captain America : The winter Soldier = Super Badass
The Sixth Day = Battle of the Arnolds
Planet of the Apes = Monkeys Rule!