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A Big F You 3 2, 4:33am

@cohkka About the Stallu, do you have any sources to the claim that they were a pre-sami human population of the area? I have tried googling it for a while now but I haven't found anything other than the Stallu were seen as a kind of monster that ate humans, similar to elves/trolls and other Nordic mythological creatures. Swedish and norwegian wikipedia mentioned different modern theories that they could have been stories about Birkarlar (tax collectors) or Scandinavian, russian or more eastern finnic raiders and whatnot else.

But I do find what you said about an earlier people the sami conquered interresting as well. A race of giants... Germanic people's are some of the tallest on Earth, what if was some kind of ancient Scandinavian tribe?

So anyway, I'm interrested in sources. :)

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