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Zombie Zoo 16 2, 2:34pm

@Liv it was pretty awesome. And it worked since I remember it all these years later. I remember which tribes we were assigned to research and that I was in a group that studied the agricultural tribes' practices.
I also had brought in a copy of a letter one of my ancestors wrote. She had moved to the hills north of San Antonio from Germany in the mid-1800s. In one of her letters she described how every so often several Native Americans would ride through town wearing a dozen hides each and their horses and donkeys loaded down with tools, corn, squash, jewelry, etc. Then they'd go in to downtown San Antonio, pick out a spot near the market and set out all their things to sell. A couple days later they'd ride back through town on their way back home completely naked. They would sell literally everything. Even the saddle blankets, bridles and reins for their horses if they could. They had no qualms about making the 2-day trip home completely nude and on bare backed horses if it meant having money to buy the things they couldn't make or grow themselves.
That had to be a sight, huh?