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Women Around the World 9 3, 8:05pm

@dracuella "It's as if every self-centered, can't-see-past-the-end-of-their-noses, pampered troll takes to the keyboard on this day and whines and whinges about "there is no inequality, you're just trying to blame men for blablablalbla...""

This may be because quite a lot of men are sick and tired of being blamed for things they didn't do and/or have no control over by the *very vocal* tiny group of pampered screaming harpies calling themselves "feminists" for the past 2-3 decades or so. Almost from the damned womb nowadays.

Fortunately, most women ( and men for that matter) don't spend their time social-studying and SJW-ing about Injustice by the Patriarchy, and simply get Stuff Done.