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I say we start celebrating it like Deadpool. ;)

International Women's Day

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8th March 2016
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8 years ago #9463778        

And in America, we spend an entire day that should be devoted to discussing women's issues and gender equality, defending the fact that we have a day dedicated to us at all. When can I move?

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8 years ago #9464402        

"The Rise of Women does not Mean the Fall of Men" let's joyfully celebrate women but don't take away our Mother's Day & Valentine's Day ... or any other day !!!

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8 years ago #9464183        

Meanwhile,in USA,Canada and Sweden,women(third wave feminists) spent the day talking about men and their aggressive sitting in the train(misandry),oppression,wage gap,rape and again rape.
And,in Arabic peninsula,women celebrate it as the day with no leashes,stoning or other physical harms.

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8 years ago #9464238        

Wouldn't it be easier to appreciate everyone the same without a specific day? Why focus on one group, and get rid of holidays for specific groups?
Regardless of our gender, our race, our ethnicity, our religion, everyone here shares 3 things in common:
1. You were born.
2. You will die.
3. You're spending part of your finite life looking at little cartoons on the Internet.

And things in the US have taken the idea of diversity to a level that to an American, is somewhat frustrating:
At a college in my state, the black male student community demanded a whole new set of dorm buildings to be made because the people in the dorms were racist to them. They wanted a black-only dorm complex.
A rather odd and specific request, but if needed, I'm fine.
What really ticked me off is that the black female students, after the school agreed, asked for a separate black female dorm because it was sexist to give one only to black men.
But isn't purposely separating one race from another segregation? Onto themselves?
A representative of a black neighborhood in a US town showed a plan for improving schools, providing housing, and other things for the town.
These innovations were only in black neighborhoods, under the idea of "slavery reparations".
Knowing how, um, "liberal" Europeans are, I'm going to buckle down and wait for the angry mobs to form.

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8 years ago #9464057        

"Women's Struggle/Battle Day" reminds me of how much I love the Danish version of "Frozen". Here's a verse from the U.S. version:

Don't let them in, don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel, put on a show
Make one wrong move and everyone will know

And the same verse from the Danish version:

Let no one in, let no see
Fight alone, it's your duty
Lock in, every day, and lie cold
One wrong move and I lose all control

Danish Elsa is metal af.


8 years ago #9463945        

I meet a girl who was Danish once, and i called her Dutch as a joke, she immediately left and a hour later when i went to my car and she painted Danish flags all over it (With easily removable paint). That was my only real life encounter with a Lady Dane, quite unforgettable.

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8 years ago #9464465        

For feminists who still complain of unequal rights in the West:

Do they exist? Yes. Are they for the most part perpetuated by governments? No. At this point, someone who stands up for women's rights should be taking on religion (particularly Islam). Western countries may not get it 100% right, but at least here, women are allowed to life their lives (go to school, have a job, think for themselves, etc).

For women's day, it might be wise to consider places like Afghanistan and think about how to bring the fight for women where it is most needed.

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8 years ago #9464160        

Here, we have a battle between women and feminists. Women simply enjoy the day, feminists belittle women for not battling for their rights.

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8 years ago #9483913        

In Iceland we have both women's day and men's day....yay for equality!!!! :D

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8 years ago #9464707        

Who fucking cares? Seriously? It's also known as Tuesday. Raising awareness of every single problem in the world only results in everyone being desensitised and indifferent to everything.

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