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Women Around the World 13 3, 3:32pm

I'm not for more legislation. In European countries, most of the legislation we have is sufficient.

But a department that is 12% female... it's not fairness (pun intended). It's totally biased. And women chose not to apply. Many studies show teachers do not react the same way to girls and boys in science classes. Girls also lack roll models in these fields. And male students, even in college, tend to think a A female student is worth a B. So for girls, science and engineering is not an easy path.
That's why there are programs to promote roll models in computer science (Margaret Halmilton & co).

Conversely, in Norway we now lack male students in medicine, vet studies, pharmacy, psychology, nurse studies and last but not least kindergarten studies. We have all-female staff in many kintergartens, which is not good for little boys.