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Women Around the World 12 3, 5:59am

@Elina Probably throwing myself into a little fire here but a few of those are problems for men as well. In forced marriages, it is both sides that do not get a choice. I believe malala's farther references that too? Don't quote me on that one, though. As for rapists, both genders can get raped and although men are a bit less likely to, they are also far less likely to have the rapist jailed. Which is why I find genders in general a bother and the best emancipation is by getting things equalized, not just the positives.

(Though I do agree, equal/fair pay is still an issue in some countries and that should change, and the example you gave of your personal life is something that people should not really say, unless in the most obvious of puns and then still at the risk of not being funny to plenty of people),

Pardon my fuzzing in there. It just feels a bit forgotten most of the time that there are two sides of the coin ^^"