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Women Around the World 10 3, 2:32am

@Vexillo Not true! I'm a feminist, but that doesn't mean I'm belittling (is that a word?) anybody. A feminist is , and this is Camebrigde Dictionary's definition, "A ​person who ​believes in ​feminism, and ​tries to ​achieve ​change that ​helps women to get ​equal ​opportunities and ​treatment." And feminism is, again by Camebridge Dictionary, "The ​belief that women should be ​allowed the same ​rights, ​power, and ​opportunities as men and be ​treated in the same way, or the set of ​activities ​intended to ​achieve this ​state."
Which means that a feminist is someone who want everyone, no matter of gender, have the same rights to do whatever they want (that isn't respectless, against the law or wrong in any other way), such as shaving or not shaving (any bodypart), dress in trousers or skirts, and being treated with respect and be allowed to be whoever they may be. Men should also not be preferred in jobs, and chosen over women with higher competense simply because they're men, and no one should belittle someone because they're a woman.

I may think it's a little contra-productive not to stand up for yourself and not using and fighting for your rights, but I would never try to make someone feel ashamed for that. It's still their choice - as long as, for example, someone is forcing them to it or not using their rights means they're getting abused or something.

Being a feminist is something good, that EVERYONE with any shame in their body should be, because all it means is that you think that men and women are equal and should have the same rights and possibilites. Nothing else. No man-hate, no "women are supreme", nothing that don't have with equal rights to do at all.