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Women Around the World 11 3, 12:26am

@Vexillo Meanwhile you've got a point I'd like to say first: I never actually said that they weren't feminists, even though it maybe sounded like that. And secondly: like I said, the dictionary definition is 'someone who wants equal rights and possiblilites between the genders", so if you want to make men less, make men take the place in the hierarchy women traditionally have been in you don't want what the dictionary says a feminist wants. So they may be extreme-feminists, womenists and such, but by all dictionary means (I've said dictionary a lot, haven't I?) they aren't actual feminists.

But I apologize if I said something that sounded wrong. Just, your formulation made it sound like you meant all feminists was like that. But I suppose I misunderstood, then. And I know that there's women who want that (totally ridiculous, if you ask me) but just be careful that you don't push that on all feminists, because that's really not what most want.