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Women Around the World 11 3, 4:12am

So,your origins are from the Arabian peninsula? Well,sorry to say that,but your people use islam as a political thing,and women aren't allowed to do anything,more or less. They can't drive,I mean,they are not allowed. They are not allowed to work,or do any activity that an average individual does. Instead,they wear the hijab,and get punished for something quite low. Or not! Like wearing a burqa but it is 1 cm short for the husband's view. And,so the husband gets his leash,and whips her,for being "infidel". They can be raped,humiliated and more,as well. The only thing that is equal in that peninsula is the capital punishment. Apart from the charges. But,Islam allows it! (A reference from a friend of mine,ex muslim,from Kosovo,as she read a part of Quran.)
You live in USA! In the land of "opportunity". I don't know what opportunity is for us,but for you is quite a lot. You are human beings,which is more important. You can be strong by having a good job career,creating a family whom you respect and help,and vice-versa. Thanks to the feminists of the 1st and 2nd wave,you can do that,with no hesitation. As for the feminist 3rd wave,I assure you,they have no sign of intelligence on what are they doing. By turning you backwards,focusing on small problems than serious one(aggressive sitting in the train over the Islamic oppression on women in Arabian peninsula.),and more insane made-up issues.