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Women Around the World 11 3, 10:08am

@ConnecticutMan That would obviously be ideal but some people just seem to love being the perpetual victims.

True equality is pretty simple really. Everyone has the same rights all the time. EVERYONE. Even when preferential treatment is done with the very best of intentions it's the exact opposite of equality. If black people can ask for a black-only dorm, white people can ask for a white-only dorm. Otherwise there's no equality. If women can ask for something so can men. Otherwise there's no equality. If LGBT people can ask for something so can straight people etc. If a company isn't allowed to only hire white people, men, straight people or whatever it shouldn't be allowed to only hire people of color, women or gay people either. Discrimination isn't a one way street. As an example, if gays ban straight people from their bar it's discrimination based on sexual orientation. The very thing they've been fighting for generations.

The thing that a lot of people these days claims as equality is about as far from it as you can get. They're fighting perceived discrimination with actual discrimination. What a fucking success. Much wow! Very progress! Such amaze!