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Women Around the World 10 3, 4:31am

@ConnecticutMan You have to understand, the reason for these specific days or months that recognize particular minority/oppressed groups is because, historically, they were ignored and lacked rights and/or recognition. These type of events are meant to educate, not belittle, the white, male hegemony. As a contemporary example, the whole "Black Lives Matter" campaign was never intended to attack whites, or the police in general, but to advocate against police brutality. It is not a means to put Black lives above all others.

As far as the segregation that you describe, these appear to be focused on dorms, not classroom attendance. I'm not familiar with the campus you describe, but perhaps in that context, it might make sense--and the students feel that there's enough racism prevalent--to warrant such a safety measure.

Racism, especially in the USA, is a sensitive issue. Rather than get defensive about it, it is often better to just listen to the other side and hear their grievances. Also, if you are white and male, understand that you are in a position of privilege compared to most. It also helps not to take racial anger personally--often, they just want to be heard. Build a bridge instead of a wall.