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Women Around the World 12 3, 3:32am


First wave: Getting the right to vote.

Second wave: Equality at home and work.

Third wave: Combatting evil white heterosexual patriarchy that conspires to oppress anyone other than white heterosexual males. This oppression is present everywhere, from computer games to how women decide to live their lives. The combat against this "patriarchy" is a series of attacks against anyone who criticizes this notion by any possible means, whether it be by harassing his/her employer until the offender is fired from his/her job, physically attacking the person him-/herself, or – in an ideal situation – totally destroying the life of the person and causing him/her to commit a suicide. This movement consists mostly of women with borderline personality disorder, which is why most fervent attacks are against people of their own movement, who disagree with some minor detail.