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Women Around the World 13 3, 12:31pm

@Elina I think that if women's rights want to continue to make advances, we need to take a long hard look at religion, particularly Islam. Religion has been a social apparatus to keep women subservient for millenia, and while it is still important to build community and love one another, this is a serious issue. Marriage is a religious convention and has been long before it was a secular one, and forced marriages come very often from religion.

I am not particularly sure further legislation practically advances women's rights all that much. Legislating pay for genders is both a slippery slope and very difficult to enforce. And yes, stereotypes about women not being suited to science and engineering are prevalent (though, in fairness, i go to a school of 60,000, and our department is about 12% female. The computer science program is somewhere around 5% female, so this stereotype might still have a basis in reality). I'm happy to have a women's day anyhow... though i was unaware it existed.