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Women Around the World 13 3, 9:27pm

@Elina It really ain't a bias issue. Or at least, the bias problem goes to Texas high schools, because this university is growing at 6% a year and gender is irrelevant if you are within the top 10% academically coming from any Texas high school, because you automatically get in. And to be honest, most Texas high schools are objectively terrible (we were ranked 44 out of 50 last year), it doesn't take a genius to do that (It was harder for me, I graduated high school from a different state, but I worked hard).

Engineering has a 60% dropout rate after the first year. The classes are so large that your gender means nothing, since the professor ain't gonna notice you anyway. If anything, women get an easier option into engineering, because the university is desperate to improve the numbers.

Hey, at least we're not the computer science department. That's 5% female!

We have a similar problem here in the converse though... I know the education department is at least 70% female.

And ma'am, if you would like to fix Texas primary and secondary schools, good luck. The last person in government to give a damn about them here was Ann Richards (now THAT is a woman for both feminists and non-feminists to look up to, God bless her). And what happened next? After one term, Texans elected this shit-kicker instead. Fuck us.

Btw, I imagine Norway is going through a few economic hiccups just like Texas since oil prices crashed. At least I get to laugh at the entitled Petroleum Engineers who lorded their job prospects over the rest of our heads a few years ago... :D there's a silver lining to everything.