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Women Around the World 14 3, 10:57pm

@txag70 Elliott Rogers was a member of several active misogynist groups who saw women as objects. Yes, his first victims were men, but they were "obstacles in his way to punish the women."

He was part of several social groups, such as MRAs and PUAs, who supported his actions. For a while, you could find links to these groups in his social media profiles.

Many of these progressive changes just happened not that many generations back. People change slowly. The false rape reporting is only 2-3%, but watch someone get slammed for it, every time--like the family who was run out of town after their daughter was assaulted by the local football team. The act was caught on camera, so there was no doubt--but she was accused of "ruining those good boys' future" and people threw stones through her family's window.

It'd be nice not to have to worry about these things, but you have to keep your eyes open. Better for the rest of the world to be the best example we can be.