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Women Around the World 11 3, 10:23am

@PurpleLibraryGuy No belittling has been necessary. It's all done by the third wave feminist themselves. When you start going full retard with your demands and crazy claims of course people's view of your movement is going to change. Making up shit like mansplaining, manspreading, using outright lies (77% of men for the same job, comes to mind) etc. is bound to give a lot of people a bad impression of you and your movement.

Also, feminism has never been a movement for both genders. Ever. Hence the name. The thing is it started at a time where women were clearly seen as lesser than men so them focusing completely on women and women's rights at that time was both understandable and fair. Those days are long gone though. In fact women have more rights than men in several countries. Focusing completely on women's rights today would be like starting a MRA in Iraq or something. A place where men already control everything.
Feminism was ever only indirectly for equality. When women were "below" men obviously raising them would result in more equality but the goal was empowering women first and foremost. Equality would just be a result of their work. That obviously only worked while they had fewer rights though. As soon as two groups have the same rights focusing completely on one side is not going to get you equality but inequality.

There's a word for a person fighting for total equality and it isn't feminist. It's egalitarian.