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Women Around the World 13 3, 12:04pm

@twig I'm not telling women to shut up (is that really the vibe I was giving off? If so, sorry)... it's just... well, i feel like maybe we're not gonna get a whole lot farther with equality until we deal with the religions that have kept women as subservient for thousands of years and are integral with pretty much every world culture. I said in my original comment that the west doesn't have everything 100% right.

That's not to say we need to end it or attack religion, but I feel like religion in particular, especially Islam, is the biggest roadblock to billions of women who deserve equality.

Also, what in particular would you want to do to help women in the USA (or whatever presumably western nation you hail from)? I support pay equality, but it is virtually impossible to legislate effective (there would be so many legal dodges corporations could use, so any legislation that gets passed would just be a feel-good bill). Abortion rights? That would require either a supreme court change or a states-wide movement (which progressives and feminists are God-awful at). Having women be allowed for selective service? Price gaps?

What do you define as actual equality, and how do we get there?