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Women Around the World 10 3, 7:14am

@NordKalaaleqSorcerer Really? You're bothered by meetings attended only by women? What? And when someone propose gay (I'm assuming you mean queer here, not just schools for gay males) schools that's often because the schools currently available are extremely anti-queer and effectively forcing minority students to attend schools that hate them is incredibly damaging. They've done studies on perfectly healthy college age students being put in a hostile environment for a month - and it was found that it was VERY mentally damaging to them. Can you imagine queer youths having to deal with that for four years? There's a reason the suicide rate is so high for them, especially trans youth.

Keep in mind that when people want places specifically for them, it's because they want *safe* places. If they were treated as fairly as non-minority groups were, they wouldn't feel the need to ask for them.