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God Hates Sweden 14 3, 1:57pm

Also in the Bible (mostly Leviticus, right next to "man shall not lie down with man"):
-- If a child curses its parent, that child shall be put to death. (To serve as a warning to the others! They had more kids back then; they could spare one.)
--If a man lies with an animal, then he shall be put to death... and so shall the animal (because that sheep was begging for it, the whore!)
-- If a man lies in a bed where a woman has had her period, he shall be put to death (Gee, I hope married couples are exempted. Pretty much makes premarital sex a capital punishment crime though. Maybe if you have your own rooms?)
-- "Anything from the water that does not have fins and scales is unclean to you" (So... I guess cancel our reservation at Red Lobster then... forever.)

They're not interested in living by the Bible (which is fortunate, because that involves a lot of murdering your children and committing suicide, apparently). They realize "Gays make me feel uncomfortable and think about things I don't want to think about" would be a completely weak, if honest, argument.