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Humans never change 24 3, 3:40am

Considering that the first recorded joke was bathroom humor (it might have been a fart joke, I don't remember the specifics), seems legit to me. Current archeology is pretty bizarre, though, and it seems that phallic+fertility religion is the default assumption or something. There are all these little rock carvings found in digs that are obviously a woman's body, but without feet, hands, or head-- and the proportions are really unrealistic, right? For years, the belief was that these were creepy fertility goddess totems. Then a woman picked one up, looked at it from different angles, and laughed because-- if you look at it down the neck, it looks exactly the way a woman's body looks /from her own perspective/ when she's heavily pregnant. The little carvings are self-portraits by bored pregnant women. And after some basic handprint analysis, they now think all those cave paintings aren't so much men documenting their victories as bored pregnant women documenting what they're going to do as soon as they get out of the stupid cave. Sure, there's plenty of proven religious art and items in history, but given how we've also found a lot of ancient graffiti... probably a lot less of it is solemn and religious than people like to think.

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