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Humans never change

Humans never change

This is all I can think about when archaeologists talk about phallus symbols as part of ancient religions we know nothing or very little about. Why not just assume people back then also had childish humor?

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23rd March 2016
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7 years ago #9468067        

In the far future, archeologists will find buried sex shops and will think they're temples for some fertility rituals...

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6 years ago #9605448        

Imagine when in a few thousand years they unearth Disney land

"They seemed to worship a small mouse on 2 legs of some kind. Fascinating"

7 years ago #9467925        

10,000 years of recorded history and 200,000 years of evolution have had no effect on eliminating dick jokes.

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7 years ago #9467786        

In Finland we have conscriptions. During military camps in the forests, one of the favourite activities of our non-commisioned officers is carving dicks out of wood. No joke. Then they end up being scattered around the barracks and staff officers get pissed.

This comic reminded me about that.

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7 years ago #9467723        

Considering that the first recorded joke was bathroom humor (it might have been a fart joke, I don't remember the specifics), seems legit to me. Current archeology is pretty bizarre, though, and it seems that phallic+fertility religion is the default assumption or something. There are all these little rock carvings found in digs that are obviously a woman's body, but without feet, hands, or head-- and the proportions are really unrealistic, right? For years, the belief was that these were creepy fertility goddess totems. Then a woman picked one up, looked at it from different angles, and laughed because-- if you look at it down the neck, it looks exactly the way a woman's body looks /from her own perspective/ when she's heavily pregnant. The little carvings are self-portraits by bored pregnant women. And after some basic handprint analysis, they now think all those cave paintings aren't so much men documenting their victories as bored pregnant women documenting what they're going to do as soon as they get out of the stupid cave. Sure, there's plenty of proven religious art and items in history, but given how we've also found a lot of ancient graffiti... probably a lot less of it is solemn and religious than people like to think.

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7 years ago #9470126        

I feel it should be noted that for achaeologists, "religious object" or "ritualistic tool" or similar are pretty much catch-all terms for "we have no idea what this is or what it was used for"

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7 years ago #9468049        

"It was for religious purposes" is archeological speak for "we don't really know, but we need a category to put it in, or we won't get paid"

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7 years ago #9509521        

Does this mean that thousands of years later when they find my dildo collection, they'll think I was the High Priestess of a Fertility Cult!!!!

7 years ago #9484276        

Honestly, after reading the ancient graffiti at Pompeii, I think it's far more likely that people in ancient times just had childish humor.
They'd probably laugh themselves hoarse every time an archeologist finds another dick. Like "Haha! P0wned U!!"

7 years ago #9468396        

During this time there was very few cultures these things actually was deemed inappropriate. I suppose these things are often from Mesolithikum, Neolithikum and such (the Stone Age) and back then no one thought it was inappropriate because it was a part of our body, it was used to go on the toilet, create pleasure and babies. Why would they joke about it when it was seen at totally natural? They didn't use clothes to hide themselves or for fashion, like we, after all. They had clothes simply because they should protect themselves from the cold and other things in nature. If these things was from the Stone Age at least. I would think it was around the Bronze Age people began to deem it inappropriate.

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