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Humans never change 29 3, 12:22am

@Zathy Worked doing some genetic anthropology for awhile, and rubbed elbows with a number of archelogists in the process. I can totally confirm this is the case. Religions used to be a lot more functional than they are now but also more culturally pervasive as well as culturally ingrained, so religious purposes meant, "It had a purpose, but no clue what. Since technically most of their activities were 'religious' as a result, and the item is culture-specific, it's technically true.... but intentionally misleading to those not-in-the-know.

And then there's fertility rituals.
That's just a polite way of saying it was used in sex-related activities. Think about it. Weekly having sex with your spouse is, by definition, a fertility ritual, as is daily masturbation. So chances are that stone dildo had been up inside someone a bit lonely at some point.

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