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Dress the Part

It's a common misconception that because Denmark doesn't have an official national costume, Denmark doesn't have festive folk-dresses at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Different areas have wildly different clothes though, so in one area men wore huge baggy pants, in another women wore men's top-hats, in another people wore masks that covered their whole face when outside, and the list goes on.

One of the reasons why Denmark doesn't have one official national dress is because the Faroe Islands and Greenland were part of Denmark for so long, and having one standard dress would be like erasing theirs.

30th March 2016

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2 years ago #9469278        



Second appearance of Sister Faroes, and first appearance of Sister Greenland! History was made today.

I'm amazed by how much culture you have for so few people. Greenland and Faroe Islands barely have more population than a couple of housing estates we have here, never mind a single district in our city.

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2 years ago #9469205        



Here's one of the Finnish national dresses (we have many local too!) (think this is the most used when people talk about Finnish national dress)

Where I'm from we have these for men:
(yep, the knife belongs with the outfit)

2 years ago #9469235        



@0nysablet #9469205
I found the Ostrobothnian national costumes particularly sexy when the Dudesons wore the modernized versions to the president's independence day gala.

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2 years ago #9470724        



Norway` s budnad isn't just one national dress. Its supposed to show where you are from, which village, town or city. They are so different. Its your pride.

I have the trønder budnad btw :3

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1 year ago #9511874        



Happy national costumes day! Tomorrow is the official day for airing (show up in) your national costume in Finland:
[ ]. I just got my very own national costume of the home area, and I'm so happy to wear it first time in public <3

Btw, it's the same way here in Finland than in Denmark. I think we don't have one official national costume for Finland. Instead every province and even single small towns has their own national costumes. Costumes of towns are often modified from the province costume/province costume is a mix of costumes of the area; sometimes national costume of the area is a reconstruction of old costume (for example Perniö costume is reconstructed from 12th century dress). To someone interested in, there's Finnish national costumes according to districts: [ ]. It's pretty interesting; when you get into event where people wear national costumes, you might know where a person comes from just by looking at their dress!


16 F
1 year ago #9471131        



In Wales the women have the traditional red shawl, tall laced black hat, black and white apron, white shirt and long red skirt. The men have a rugby top.

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676 M
1 year ago #9470867        



Sister Faroe <3


25 M
2 years ago #9470613        



Ya know, we have about 200 different national costumes in norway as well...

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23 M
2 years ago #9470450        



Just a heads up, you tagged Noway instead of Norway.

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2 years ago #9470364        



Finland does not have one national costume either. There are dozens of different costumes depending on where you are from or whether you speak Finnish or Swedish or belong to the Sami people.

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