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ABORT MISSION 13 5, 9:33am

They "didn't care" because history museums and archaeology were pretty new modern concepts that hadn't gotten around yet.
Also hmm, why was your country in those places again? Just going around protecting artifacts surely, yes that was the reason.

"Does owning the bit of land now when something was found on it centuries before entitle you to that thing in perpetuity ?"

Yes. It's cultural heritage. Pretty sure that's UN law even.
Also "centuries"? When the heck was the UK (well England since apparently it's centuries now) taking these artifacts and things centuries ago. Your imperial heyday was like 130 years ago champ.

"Shouldn't museums be there to educate people about other cultures ?"

That's why you can ask for pieces, and have traveling exhibits, which countries like to do for various reasons.
On that note we should put your post in a museum of "Dusty Colonial Attitudes".

"Not saying you're wrong, but that the answer isn't black and white."

Stealing is possibly good if you do it as an oppressive empire because the savages don't care. Truly a debate.

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